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Divorce and separation can cause personal and emotional strains on all parties involved and from our experience, a large number of people are unsure of the next steps once the relationship ends. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us immediately as our solicitors have extensive knowledge in Matrimonial Law and will assist you in dealing with the Matrimonial Finances, issues relating to the children and Divorce.


We understand that separation and Divorce is a highly stressful time for clients and note that most clients want the process to be resolved as quickly as possible and we do strive to work towards amicably resolving matters by way of negotiations between the Parties if possible.


If your case proceeds to Court, we ensure you that you will have full support and assistance from our matrimonial solicitors who will explain each step to you and guide you through the process efficiently to prevent any further unnecessary stress to you.

McGeady Molloy Solicitors Derry

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